Where do I find … ?

I’ve spent several months to get inspired and look for particular items to decor my new apartment, sometimes googling around all the night, going through thousands of inspirational images of interior decor, reading blogs and articles about trends in shapes and colour palette.

It’s often hard to find shops that sells specific objects that appear in some amazing pics of interior design, sometimes even just to fill a room, such as minimalistic prints, side tables made of a tree slice or small hanging lamps. It’s even harder to find foreign shops that ships to Italy and coming with moderate or even better, cheap, shipping costs.

That’s why I always keep a list of the shops I find (sometimes by just walking randomly around the web) carefully up to date. Here’s some of my favourites.

  • Kavehome: a wide collection of modern, vintage and industrial furniture, beautifully shaped and delightfully singular.
  • Sedie design: furniture shop which mainly offers chairs and stools (thousands) but with a broad portfolio of lamps, table and other items as well
  • Yorkelee: minimalist art prints, very popular and surprisingly cheap.
  • Tanini Home: high quality iconic furniture and fixtures located in Florence, great outlet and trends sections.

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