Hello folks! My name is Gabriel and I was born in 1984 in a tiny town in the north of Italy, located in a valley called “Cadore” and surrounded by some of the most mesmerising mountains on earth: the Dolomites.

I spent my first 19 years growing up in that town, together with no more than 2 thousands souls, a single pub opening in the evening (sometimes only in the weekends) and ground covered in while for most of the year. I carried on developing a sort of conflicted emotions. From a side, the love for nature, wilderness, trees, snow and silence. From the other, especially in my teens, the need for “more”, more friends, more engaging places, more social life, more  “things to do”. In other terms, the need to escape.

I moved to Pisa to study computer science at the university, ending up with a Ph.D. in 2015. Pisa is a small town(about 80K people) but definitely bigger than my birth place , which allowed me to still feeling like home while experiencing and getting in touch with a whole new set of things: discos, late closing of pubs and restaurants and even decently fast internet connections.

From 2012 I’ve also being working for Biobeats, a startup based in London and San Francisco, which besides a payroll, offered me the invaluable opportunity to travel around the globe, meeting new cultures, new people, new concepts of “town” and “city”.

At the end of the day, I still feel like driven by those two conflicting flows which I long ago started calling raw and more. Raw is the need for a true, direct contact to the “real deal”, to all what’s behind the infrastructures and over-structures built by human kind in all these centuries. Raw is cutting trees in September for the coming winter, learning to forecast weather conditions at high altitudes, hiking and climbing and skying and knowing every single name of all the mountains around me. More, is a driving force towards progress, the passion for technology, math, algorithm and, more generally, applied science.

I spent time wondering how to gracefully merge these two aspects of my life and at the end I found it in a phrase from Seneca.

All art is imitation of nature
Lucio Anneo Seneca

Art, and more specifically visual design, is my way to feed both the driving forces of my life, merging my passion for the digital world to my roots going deep into the ground of wilderness.
Given all of this, this website is all around a mixture of visual inspiration, design ideas and personal works, colour palettes and photography (another everlasting passion of mine).